Unfinished Night is a Complete Joy to Read

Unfinished Night is a Complete Joy to Read

Unfinished Night the Complete Duet; Before the Night, Every Night Without You (Series)
by Violet Duke (Author)

This review is from: April 21, 2017 By Kay Daniels (Kindle Edition-Goodreads)
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Unfinished Night is hard to put into one category as it is a two part series book in of itself. The first part titled, Before the Night, is about Addison Milan and Caine Spencer when they first meet. Addison is nineteen years old and taking care of her younger siblings. This would qualify Before the Night as a New Adult novel.

As Addison's story begins we find out that not only is she taking care of her siblings, but they are also homeless. What makes Addison such an endearing character is her never-give-up attitude and sunny disposition. Even though she has every reason in the world to be bitter, hateful, and just down right scornful about life she never lashes out at her own circumstances. I give a huge kudos to Violet Duke for shedding light on a very real hardship, but turning a positive spin on it. Showing that not everyone that lives such a hard live always ends up in a life of destruction.

Then in walks Caine Spencer. Oh boy. He has been added to my book boyfriend list. When he added sticky note eggs and messages to Addison's drawings I was a total goner. (When you reach this point in the story you'll know exactly what I'm talking about and Caine will reach boyfriend status for you too.)

Caine Spencer is a cop and eats at the local diner where Addison works. Caine's protective and sweet, manly and a big teddy bear all at once. He is the ultimate man all rolled into one. Addison can't help but like him.

Addison works at the diner while her brother and sister still attend school, then at night she parks their van where they all live, in the empty lot behind the diner at night and no one asks any questions. That is until a predator situation turns deadly Addison has to make a decision, stay and fall for a man who could give her everything for the first time in her life, or go with the one thing she knows best and run?

Every Night Without You begins seven years later. The storyline moves from a New Adult novel into more contemporary with suspense/cop elements. I really hate giving too much away because this is really where the meat of the story takes place. However, everything from Before the Night is weaved into this story beautifully and it turned me into a puddle of goo multiple times.

From the moment I opened Unfinished Night, I was hooked. It was sweet, charming, kept me on the edge of my seat, yet was also filled with so much goodness that it melted everything inside of me. I wanted to be Addison and have a Caine Spencer of my very own. Not only were they a wonderful couple together, but both books were abundant with secondary characters that were rich and easy to fall in love with. I cannot wait to meet them all as the series continues to grow.

You can purchase these two books separately, but I wouldn't recommend it because you'll be gripping the edge of your seat dying to know what happens after you finish the first book. Unfinished Night The Complete Duet is titled appropriately because they definitely go hand in hand. I loved every part of both books, the secondary characters, the redemption, the plot, the twist, the love story...everything.

Unfinished Night is a duo feature that is a must read.

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