My Kid Didn’t Eat Crap Her First Year of Life & She Didn’t Die.

“What do you mean she hasn’t eaten___?” “You are denying her simple pleasures” “Don’t you think thats a little extreme?” “Oh yea? Just wait. That’ll change”

These are just a few examples of responses I’ve gotten to our parental decision to stick to our “Pick It. Grow It. Kill It.” approach to our daughters diet. She is currently going on 11 months and minus one known incident (out of my control) she has not eaten anything that doesn’t fall under said categories. We mostly abided by age guidelines for feeding, but once she was down for food we let her explore healthy options as she pleased.

Has it been convenient? Not always. Has it been hard? Not particularly. Has it been cheap? Depends on your definition.

BUT the biggest question that drives our actions is: Is it what is best? In my opinion, yes.

I am not a dietician or a pediatrician, so any internet trolls who feel the need to remind me of such can just carry on in your kill-all-opinions-that-don’t-match-yours-kingdom. I have however spent years in health and fitness, and been a health educator for the record. I love learning about the body and how it works. We all know the saying You Are What You Eat and it is the easiest way to get across why my child, for as long as possible, will run off of the best food I can offer her.

I’m not a sugar coating, rainbows and unicorns, type of person when it comes to these things and the bottom line is I, and my daughter deserve better than using fast food, highly processed, sugar-y crapola in a yummy bite that makes you want to kiss yourself for a second and then slap yourself a second later type of food to fuel the thing we will use for hopefully many years to come. We all deserve this but as a society choose excuses over effort and our healthcare system shows the results. Sorry not sorry.

One of the biggest fallacies that get thrown my way is the concept of depriving. I have not deprived my little one of anything. She tries to eat dog food, so obviously her gauge of what is yummy is different from mine. In her mind she is not thinking “OMGah. Mom doesn’t feed me that stuff we walk past in the grocery store, my babyhood is ruined”; however when people say snide comments I start to question if this is what I’m doing.

I then take a little moment and think about the endless things my daughter has eaten. She has been spoiled by ta-ta juice from my ever drooping goodies. She has been pampered with baby food puree made from scratch by our live-in maid, cook, and accountant: yours truly. She has enjoyed freeze dried whole food snacks every time she can get her hands on them while on the go. She has munched on almost any fruit or veggie I can think of at our disposal. I don’t think she has ever almost hit the brink of despair and anger (yet) over her life, and especially over her “lacking” diet. This little biz has it made.

Four years from now I won’t be chasing away cake and cookies from my kid’s mouth by spraying her with vinegar or sprinkling lavender oil all over everything. I have a very small window in her life to control (for the most part- I hope she enjoyed that piece of cat food and boogar she swallowed) what goes in her mouth and forms the controllable foundation for all her bodily functions. My idealistic hope is she will continue to do so when she has the choice but best laid plans of mice and men, right? As a family unit we have stuck by our conviction and I firmly believe anyone else can too if they want to. Regardless of all the people telling you differently.

My little one is super happy, super healthy, and as far as I know none the wiser that her crazy mom has cold-heartedly denied her crap in the shape of fun characters and colors of the artificial rainbow. So to all the “living healthy” haters out there, I tip my glass of unsweetened Tazo tea to you and the ten medications you have to take daily.

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