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Who Wore it Better?


Just like the real world, fashion 'double ups' do exist! Just to explain a little bit, 'fashion double ups' is my explanation for when two celebrities rock the same outfit. So here's my opinion on who wore it better!


Kylie Jenner v.s Karolina Kurkova 

This is a tough one for me, as they both absolutely  killed it in this gorgeous Balmain dress. 


With the belt adding a bit more shape and structure, it's the perfect accessory to really accentuate their tiny waists. 


As much as I do like the plain black boots sported by Karolina, I feel like Kylie's choice of shoes seem to add a little something extra to the outfit. However, in saying that I think that Karolina made the right decision with the slicked back pony tail. The simplicity doesn't take away from the dress, where as with Kylie's dress, I do feel like it's a little much with the hair down. I don't know where to look!


    So who wore it better? 

Kylie takes the cake this time, but not to say they don't both look INCREDIBLE.


Gigi Hadid v.s J-Lo

I mean, let's be honest. Both of these women are queens in their own right, both absolutely flaunting it in this stunning, tight fitting, gold jump suit. 


Gigi pairs it with a basic gold clutch, minimal jewellery and some classic gold pumps. All of this is clearly working in her favour as she looks sleek, stylish and sexy, yet simplistic. J-Lo opts for a belt around the waist, bold gold chained earrings and what looks to be a regular handbag. For me, the addition of the belt & handbag detracts from the bold clothing piece. However, she is killing it. I mean I hope I look that good when I'm 40.


    So who wore it better? 

Gigi gets my vote on this one, with her simple elegant accessories complimenting the outfit perfectly.



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Published by Kaylee Brayne


Aug 28, 2016, 10:10:40 PM

I agree. Kylie and Gigi wore it best!

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