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I started as a massage therapist. I received my Associates of Occupational Studies degree in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork when I was 18 and spent 7 years building up a stable business. Then, my doctor made me quit. Apparently, massage therapy is pretty hard on your body. I am now absolutely loving my career in real estate. Thanks, doc!


I married a handsome fella named Michael on May 7th, 2016 and we have 2 beautiful fur children together. Our french bulldog, Crosby, is old and senile. He has permanent nerve damage in his hind quarters, bad breath, and an obnoxious snoring problem. Our pit bull, Noodle, is young and clumsy. She demands all your attention at all times, would rather drink out of the toilet than her own water bowl, and is scared of any object (moving or still) that is not where it’s supposed to be. We are one mess of a family but we sure do have fun!


I am a REALTOR® in Stillwater, OK and surrounding areas. I work for a local company called Fisher Provence, REALTORS. Because of an awesome organization called Leading RE, we are not only a local favorite, we are also able to be a global company. Whether you are near or far, I'm here to help with your real estate needs. Give me a shout!!

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