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We’ve all heard the gossip. It’s nothing new. Millennials suck. They’re lazy, entitled, narcissistic brats who live off mom and dad and have no idea how the world works. Millennials have no money, no motive, no work ethic. They have no interest in learning. They don’t earn any money. They don’t save any money. They build up thousands and thousands in debt and are never able to pay it. They always play the victim and never own up to their mistakes. Blah… blah… blah…




These accusations have been said time and time again. I absolutely do not disagree with most of these statements. The only thing I would change is that the word “millennials” be replaced with “some people”. Let me tell ya, I have met a lot of people who fit this description, and it’s not about physical age. It’s about mental age. Millennials are dealing with a 308% increase in college tuition while the potential earnings for a bachelor’s degree have only increased 11%. Because of this, millennials are creating companies at twice the rate of generation X and baby boomers.  There aren’t enough jobs for millennials, so they are creating them. How cool is that? Millennials like change. They welcome it. They want things to be more efficient. Faster, smarter, stronger. This is being labeled as lazy rather than innovative because of age alone.


Every generation is a product of the generations that come before them. The godfathers of social media, Tom Truscott and Jim Ellis, invented the world’s first usernet systems in 1979. The first cell phone was invented by Marty Cooper when he was 45 years old. Not 25… 45. Gerald Lawson produced the very first gaming system in 1976 when he was 36 years old. How millennial of him. And of course, the text message, invented in 1992 by the then 40-year-old Matti Makkonen. I was 2 years old when the first text was sent so don’t get all huffy and puffy at me because “all these damn kids and their damn text messaging.” It’s not my fault…it’s ol’ Matti’s fault. I’m just taking advantage of the inventions of my respectful elders. My point is, don’t place blame on an entire generation just because you can’t handle the changes coming on in the world.


millennials on phones


While the work place may be the toughest place to deal with this issue as a millennial, the disrespect has spread far beyond it. I have heard a ton of stories from clients and colleagues of the disrespect in the real estate industry.


From a millennial realtor’s side, you catch most of your disrespect from clients. Do you know how hard it is to get a baby boomer to trust you when you’re 26? They won’t even give you a chance. We know nothing, we have no idea what life is about. In all reality, we have the most recent, innovative education and we work very efficiently. We have more time to focus on a client’s needs because we haven’t become too busy yet. We are getting married and starting families and if that isn’t the best motivation to make a commission check, I don’t know what is.


sad pro


On the millennial client’s side, you get the kind of disrespect that will make you break down and cry.  I’ve heard stories of clients getting treated like they’re not even there when they walk into agencies because they didn’t dress the way the realtor thought they should, they look too young, their price point is probably too low to even waste time on. They can’t even ask a question about a property until they have proven their worth with a pre-approval letter.


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It is absolutely the best time management to make sure you get a pre-approval up front so that you know your client is approved and you know you’re shopping in the right price range. However, there is a difference between saying, “Ugh… are you even pre-approved?” and saying, “Absolutely. I would love to help you find a home. Will you want to pay cash or use a lender?”. Yes, I have seen clients younger than myself pay cash. We don’t know anyone’s situation. Sometimes, clients don’t know they need a pre-approval letter and that is ok. Despite how people make you feel, you are not stupid. You are not lazy and dumb. You just don’t know. You either haven’t been in this situation before or someone handled everything for you the last time. If you have a realtor who is laughing at you or not answering your questions, no matter how dumb they might be, then you need a new one. It is our job to walk you through this process. If everyone knew exactly what to do then we wouldn’t have realtors.


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I know the struggle. The pure, judgmental, ignorant look that says “You’re not good enough”. It’s come from clients, colleagues, supervisors, family.  I dye my hair black. I’m young. I’m a woman. I have tattoos. I never wear makeup. My glasses are polka dotted. My hair may get brushed once a day. Does that define my ability and passion to do my job? Does that define my level of education and eagerness to keep learning? Does that define my ability to save money, pay my bills, buy a house? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!


millennials tongues out


Millennials, I am here to help you! No question is a dumb question. If you don’t know, it’s simply because you haven’t gone through this before. It’s not that big of a deal and it is absolutely and completely possible for millennials to buy a home. Do not fear the words of those who are against you or who don’t have time for you. I will walk you through every step. I will answer your questions that others laughed at. If I don’t know something (because, let’s face it, I’m a stupid millennial), I will do the digging and the research to find out because I do believe in you. I know you can do whatever you put your mind to because you are a millennial. You are innovative, smart, risky, savvy, and, most importantly, you’re a dreamer.





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