5 Things I learnt when moving across the world

It took me 27 hours to get to my new home. 27 HOURS. Thats 18,764 km. Or 11659.40 miles seeing as i’m living in the UK now. Obviously making a decision to move this far away cannot be done overnight, as it’s not like you can just jump on a plane and go back home whenever you feel like it. Still been one of the best decisions I’ve made though, and i’ve learnt so much already in the first 5 months of being here.

  1. Who your real friends are: I’m sure everyone who has moved across the world will agree with me on this one. It’s interesting who you hear from when your life completely changes. Not only did I move across the world, but I re-connected with my Dad who I hadn’t seen in 17 years. This is probably one of the biggest things that will ever happen to me in my life, and I still haven’t heard from people that I considered close friends. Yeah, everyone has stuff going on in their life, but it takes 2 minutes to send a quick message.
  2. Everything takes time: At home I lived with friends, had a full time job, spent the weekends being social and had a car which meant freedom. Here, I am living with family, I knew absolutely no one apart from them which meant no social life with people my own age, and the closest town is a 15 minute bus ride away. I wasn’t used to this and didn’t realise the effect it would have on me. After getting a job a couple of weeks after moving here, and finally meeting people my own age, I eventually started spending Friday nights socialising, instead of staying at home watching Netflix. It just took time.
  3. Facetime will become your best friend: I don’t know where I would be without social media. Facebook, Snapchat and Facetime are all saviours when it comes to keeping in contact with your friends/family back home. Even if it’s a quick message to let them know you’re still alive, or an essay of gossip from the weekend it all adds up, and us travellers really appreciate it.
  4. You will have on and off days: I think i’m lucky, because I haven’t been too homesick since being here. Yeah some days I wake up and miss home.  But then other days I wake up and just think "Wow I am in ENGLAND". I completely changed my life, whereas everyone at home is stuck in the same old boring job doing the same thing everyday. I have travelled around Europe, and seen places I used to only dream of seeing Whenever I am in London, I sometimes just stop and look around and think how cool it is here, and that people back home would probably love to trade places.
  5. Home is where the heart is: This one is pretty self explanatory. When I showed people from work a picture of my hometown, Mount Maunganui, they were shocked that I chose to leave there, and live in Chelmsford instead. Whenever someone questions why I am here and so far away from home, they say how brave I am. It always makes me feel proud of myself and is a small reminder that I made the right decision. Although Chelmsford (soon to be Surrey) is my temporary home, one day I’ll be back in Mount Maunganui.

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