All Lives Matter, Get This Through Your Head People

Media is a very powerful weapon to behold. When one controls the media, they usually control many others by proxy. When one dictates what is to be reported, they can influence the masses. What is true news in this day and age? Is it what the viewer wants? Sensational, bloody, violent, and graphic in every sense of the word?

There isn't that much good in the news these days. Usually the only good is found in local newspapers, where outside news is only reported in vague mentions. Little Sally helped the local elderly perhaps, or Johnny at the gas station gives discounts on fridays for a hug and a smile.

I'm sure if we look hard enough we might find some nice reports, perhaps a charity event or something. I don't know though, recently its been nothing but scandals, shootings, acts of terror. If it isn't that, then it is stereotypes and slander. “Black Lives Matter” “White Lives Matter Too” bullshit I say, all lives matter. What will it take to get this point across? All. Lives. Matter.

This shouldn't be a game of 'oh he hit me first, so I should hit harder'. Then we have more and more shootings in schools in the last five years. Has anyone seen that article weeks ago? The one with that daughter standing on a toilet? Yeah, that's a thing, they are teaching children to hide on top of the toilets during an emergency. They teach that because a shooter could run in and check the stalls. This got to me a bit. Children living in fear because they might be next, their best friend could be next.

Lets blame video gaming, violent television movies. Let me tell you where the blame should go, ourselves. It is the fault of the previous generations apathy to their children. The previous generation for high expectations, the constant pushing and then abandonment when those expectations aren't met. The fault lays with the adults ignoring the signs because 'its just kids being kids'. No, these are bullies, and it will get worse as the ages go by.

These 20-40 year olds going around shooting people, yeah, these are the people who sought help that never game. Ignored because 'they'll get over it'. And then we have these black people going around with guns. Do you know why, because their parents were probably around during the bad times, which wasn't even 50 years ago. These teens and parents before the 70's were treated quite badly, ignored and often pushed around. And then we have these gangs running around from the 80s to today, people who have dealt with police brutality of the times, teaching their children to fear the police forces.

We humans hold grudges, and they don't go away with the next generation, but fester and puss about. There is a saying that should apply here, 'Forgive, but never forget'. Now, forgiveness should not absolve people of their sins and impulses, but hold them accountable for them. “Alright fine, but don't do it again” should be the saying, because when you say “It's ok” you give them the permission to do so again.

I know though, that this will be read over with much eye rolling, scoffs of disbelief. Go ahead, just remember these words though when you tune to the news and see another act of violence. It isn't this generation that suffers our stupidity but the next. Think of the children people, think of your neighbors. All lives matter.

Kenneth Out.
​(Unedited for the most part)

Published by Kenneth Pickernell


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