Be Sure of Yourself

Will religion set you free of all your crimes? Can it end world wide hatred? Where are the crusaders sent to protect us?

No, things don't quite work that way in this day and age. Religion is... alright in my opinion, but it shouldn't be end all be all you know? It helps, that's what I'll say on that subject.

We need to embrace our own power, that we can do the things we set out to do, to accomplish our dreams. Belief is a powerful tool, and if handled correctly can make one near invincible. It is belief in ourselves, and the belief from others that can pull us through hard times. When a community can pull together to get past a great tragedy. Belief has a strong power for some reason, the drive and motivation to keep on going when the gas tank is on fumes, to go that extra mile, accomplishing our greatest dreams.

Pray to your gods as you wish, if that is what helps you, all I'm saying is to have some self assurance as well. Let not the words of others dictate what you do in your life. Do not let a book tell you what you can and can not do in life, those who had written it had come from a different time period, a different place. Let that book be a guidebook, reference material, not the end all be all.

Our lives are what we make it. However, do not become so lost in your own self assurance that you would rather seek help yourself than let others in. Sometimes, we need a helping hand, and it is alright to ask for help now and then.


(Picture taken during a steam train ride somewhere in Washington state in July 2016)

Published by Kenneth Pickernell


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