Blogging Motivation, You Can Do It

'I have No idea what I'm doing' is a sensible response, because it implies that you can learn. However, after learning and training it becomes a bad thing. This implies you learned nothing. All it takes is looking from a different perspective, try saying 'I never thought of it'. If it doesn't work logically, just try it practically, who knows, it could work in practice if not in theory.

Just because you haven't blogged before doesn't mean that you can not learn how to do so. If you expect to be rolling in money, well, I have some news for you. Blogging at the start does not provide you currency, besides the attention of others, and it will be a slow start at that. Eventually when the ball picks up enough momentum, well, so must you. Sooner or later the occasional posting will not be enough, eventually you'll have to set a schedule. If that means three times a week then that's what it will take.

It takes time to find your niche, your calling, the one subject that brings the followers and views to you. You can't just expect them to throw money at you either, that also takes time. You have to offer them something in return besides a good read. It doesn't have to expensive or very lucrative, just a small acknowledgement or two.

There is a saying out there: “No Loss, No Gain”, how will you know if it will work or not? Just a gut feeling? Then prepare to wave as the opportunity passes you by, prepare to just walk on as life crawls on, dull and boring. Sensible risks must be taken now and then, how else do good stories start? As for me, well, I'm just blogging because I can, I did not expect to be here of all places. Go figure, maybe you too will be writing for these big websites someday.


Published by Kenneth Pickernell


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