I Have No Clue, But I'm Learning

How does one write an article or blog post about things they do not know? Well, they would go to a search engine... Then read stuff about the topic of interest y'know? It would be best to search recent topics rather than older ones, unless its a topic related to the subject at hand.

For instance, I know little about the political race and what not, and yet I had tried my hand at it. Probably not a great article by the stretch of the imagination, but I tried. Perhaps that's all that counts, is the effort sometimes, to show some kind of initiative. When a person has pretty much free reign on posting articles, well it is a daunting task, especially with no real experience before hand. Yet there is quite the difference between a journalist and a contributor let me tell ya.

For instance, we don't exactly have to go hunting for interviews, nor do we have to stick to a topic besides our own chosen field. While that is all well and good, some of us struggle because we don't exactly know what we are doing half the time. It just seems like a good idea at the time to start, until we realize that we have no idea what to do.

Some like me probably just write topics down on small pieces of paper and just pick one at random. Others though actively seek resources through other channels. The media and social media, looking around to see what everyone is talking about, what is currently trending. Some authors and contributors seek inspiration from their hobbies and daily life, soaps for instance, or reality shows. We all find a topic that just, dings, understand? Then we just get on and write about it, our little opinions in hopes of a response.

Then if we ever get bored of a topic we can simply change gears and choose a different topic to write about.

Its not all fun and writing though. We authors, contributors, and what not, have a constant fear of no traffic. Some of us don't quite have the social media thing down, nor how to get traffic rerouted to our articles. We must also deal with technical difficulties, and being lost in the interface from which we publish from.

For instance, it took me a good hour to figure out how to add a picture, only to slap my forehead when I found out how. Then the limit of categories, there is only so much there. Then we have an article that just doesn't know what it is, so you will see most posts that should be in news, in creative, or other categories. This article itself could be considered entertainment, life and styles, or neither.

Still, the support team is on the case last I heard, and the site itself is easy to navigate once one figures out where everything is. For the most part, most articles are nice and short, quick easy reads. Given time and experience we beginner contributors and writers will eventually figure stuff out, and the learning phase will be completed. Until then, well, stay tuned I suppose.

Kenneth out.

Published by Kenneth Pickernell


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