Life Sucks. Let's Deal With That.

Small bit of negative inspiration for you all.

It's ok to make mistakes, the world is wrong, and that is kinda ok as long as you don't let it keep you down too much. So long as you have food, something to drink, and a heartbeat, then there is a chance things will eventually get better. We must endure, an actor said on-screen a while back, the same actor also said 'know your limits'.

Know your limits, and if possible, break free of them to find a new one. Your façade is just that, a mask to wear in public, if the 'public' is just around family then so be it. There is a Japanese saying: we have three faces, one for the public, one for family, and our true selves. Each one has a pivotal role in our lives, it keeps us sane, our comfort from the world at large.

Face it, we are human, and making mistakes is just part of the whole, sometimes those mistakes just can't be erased. Accept it and move on if possible, don't let this drag you on to your graves. If you can't accept that.... Then you can choose to suffer. That is also part of the experience of mortal life.


Published by Kenneth Pickernell


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