My Recap on 2016 Election Nominees

My Recap on 2016 Election Nominees

This is what I know of the elections... Nothing.

What do I know about presumed nominee Trump... I know he had a television show awhile back called the apprentice? He did a cameo on Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. Also that he is running for president I guess? Hillary was First Lady in the 90s. I never heard of Sanders until last year as a snippet on the TV.

Truthfully I know jack all about upcoming elections other than its going between some guy named Sanders, former First Lady Clinton, and Trump. Yet here I am trying to make an article about said subject. Keep in mind this is just an opinion, and to test out the blogging waters. To explain my reasoning on this, I just wrote down a few random topics on paper, cut them up and put them in a hat and done a random pick and this popped up.

With that being said lets do a quick search on the political climate and what could happen.

...Ok, so there are far more nominees than I had expected, but what do you expect when you hardly hear about these other runners, on top of not paying any news any mind. Call me ignorant, I don't mind.

Hillary apparently has the older generation backing her a bit, apparently Sanders is her competition in the Democratic party. Donald trump apparently is representing(?) the Republican party? What a world we live in today yes? Yet if Ronald Reagan can become president then I suppose Trump has a chance as well.

With all the news coverage, and some minor research, Trump has stirred the political pot quite a bit. It makes me wonder if he is fit to be president if elected. He is more of a bully really, the way he bad mouths people on live television and recordings. The way the crowd acts as well, what in the world is going on lately? Then on the other side of this apparent triangle Hillary is apparently having some troubles as well, with what appears to be emails and personal servers? Might have to dig into this more I suppose.

 Sander's does not endorse Hillary, yet his views are leaving an impact in the democratic parties, I think that's what I'm reading... Despite that fact, apparently in a private meeting of the party he was apparently booed out I guess. I guess a few people still want Hillary to win I guess?

What a world to be in this year. We got a 'Billionaire', Former First Lady, and an Independent Democrat all running for office. I'll just have to read more on this subject, maybe do a more in depth article once I get the facts straight. Well, we'll call this a recap of who is running I suppose. Stating the obvious really, but on with the research. More later, take care now. -Kenneth

Published by Kenneth Pickernell

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