I open the news today, and I see a Houston man waving a gun around, points it at some cops and gets shot to death. Ok, what the heck? I know cops are trained to defend themselves and it is somewhat understandable to shoot first ask questions later, reports say they did ask the person to put the weapon down. Yet the media have to say that it was 'a black man' somewhere in the article. I know it is accurate, but the way it is put in there makes it seem stereotypical.

Later on I read another shooting takes place, this time over in Dallas. Apparently a military veteran, angry at cops, specifically white cops took out his weapon and went on a killing spree, killing 5 officers, and wounding more along with 2 civilians.

This 'hate the cops' thing is getting out of hand. Gun control is being handled like a joke in places, and tensions rise as more and more reports come in. This is an endless cycle now, and it will continue to spiral until something is done. I know many will cry the 2nd amendment, and what not, but hear me out. The moment you take out your weapon, it should be to defend yourself and others around you. If you take you weapon out, prepare to get a reply in kind.

Weapons these days are handled like toys, if you pick up a weapon, presume that it is loaded with the safety off, this is also what they teach officers as well. You make a sudden move, reflexes are faster than thought you know. 'Veteran' Officers these days were trained after the 9/11 fiasco, where terrorism was and is still around, some of these officers were actually over seas trying to deal with constant danger. You go pulling a gun out of nowhere and point it at them, reflexes man.

Do you really want to tangle with these people? And these are the decent officers, let alone the 'racist' ones. Depending on the city/town, you could be facing 5-30 cops, let alone the other forces such as SWAT, or even military. And then there's you, a single shooter with a semi-automatic firearm. Tell me, does the police and militant forces have enough man power to take on a country armed to the teeth? Hell yes it does.

Do you, a civilian have the training to take on the trained officers and military? No, you don't, probably not even in great numbers. Training is a force multiplier apparently, fifty men with automatic rifles 'Might' be able to overtake a small group of five trained soldiers, but the soldiers will definitely be able to repel them, probably with a bit of ease depending on the situation and location. They also have a sizable back up to call upon when cornered.

As I said before, these police veterans under 15 years of service have a different training than they did a mere 20 years ago. So when you conceal carry, remember to expect an equal or greater response to pulling out your weapon.


Published by Kenneth Pickernell


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