Show That You Care

It is a strange thing isn't it, how people can't sleep unless they're with someone holding them, or at least next to them. Nothing sexual really, just the closeness of another person. The feeling of safety, warmth and general goodness of it. Science somewhere proves that cuddling can be very addicting. Enjoy these moments when possible.

Then there are people who just can't stand the touch of another human at all. Do not pity them, they do not want it, furthermore do not question them about it. These people have their reasons, and they will explain when they feel safe doing so. If you know someone like that, give them their space but let them know you are there for them. If you're the only one they'll allow to touch them at all, then you mean something to them. If they let you hug them, or they hug you, then you are something special.

Humans seem to thrive off of other human contact, especially the positive kind. Everyone needs a hug eventually, to know that they are loved by someone. Don't be afraid to ask someone, maybe a friend or loved one, for a hug. Awkwardness included, because I'm sure some people woke up not expecting to be hugged later on.

That's it for now, just remember to show others that you care in some form or another.

Published by Kenneth Pickernell


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