This LIfe, Was It Worth It?

Tell me, was it worth it?

Those years at college, perhaps those weeks and months of travel, well generally anything you have done. Was it worth it? Can you look back and say 'that was fun'? I don't know about you but I'll say this, it was, it really was worth it. These may not seem like it at the time, yet when you're telling stories to others, you're giving them experience. Giving a piece of yourself away to gain another from someone else.

Perhaps a bad experience will be a good story down the road. Perhaps your actions inspired others, or motivated yourself to do something else. It shows that we are alive, that we could go back to the drawing board in one relative piece and make a new plan. Why keep bumping into a dead end going down the same path, when you can turn around and find another route? Lets go left instead of right, go and visit that person you haven't seen in a long time, or even go to... I don't know, that place, yes that place. The one with the fancy table set ups, or that burger joint across town, just because we can. Who is going to stop you? Why not hire a babysitter for next Thursday? do a surprise date, even if it is just an empty chair sitting across from you.

You are out, enjoying life, and doing something New and refreshing. For those that feel alone and forgotten remember this, people still talk about you, and not even in a negative way. Perhaps you pop up in a conversation now and then, people will wonder about you. Why  keep quiet? To go out silently and head bowed to avoid a crowd? Dark and mysterious or just plain creepy, that's how it looks for the most part. Stand up straight, and look ahead, perhaps wave a shy wave at the receptionist. Smile if you must, because I can guarantee that someone out there loves your smile and wishes you did it often.

When you look back, remember that it is all in the past, and then start walking toward a uncertain future knowing that we survived. You are a main character in this story, and you are the author. Only you the reader can write what goes on in your life. Was it worth it?

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Published by Kenneth Pickernell


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