Who Are We?

As a general answer to the title, we are humans, we are thinkers for the most part. Every decision must be made after a period of thought. Perhaps we sometimes over think things, when we should act. We think that there must be a red or blue, a border between us and them. Humans think of each other as saints, while declaring others as demons, that we are right and everyone else should believe that.

We never see the shades mix together, and borders blur, until we come face to face with such things. The moment a person looks in the mirror one day and realizes with horror, that yes, they are a demon as well, and not quite the saint they were led to believe. That moment when the group as a whole figure out that perhaps, they were wrong, about everything.

We humans are emotional creatures, and that is what can turn us back into horrible monsters. We do what we feel is right, to assuage our fears. The liberation troops can be seen as monsters to a defending force, and all soldiers are seen as devils to the weary civilians. We are inherently violent, which is brought to the forefront of our minds every time we tune into the news. We feel the need to place the blame somewhere, to find justification to our reasoning.

So, who are we? We, are humans, and we do as we please in this world.

Published by Kenneth Pickernell


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