5 Years Time

5 Years Time

Apr 3, 2017, 12:52:29 AM Opinion

I always have one of these topics that I want to talk about in the week. This week was all about future careers and what I really want. It begins with being rejected from the Bank of England future capability programme. I'm quite annoyed but not terribly surprised, I applied a year early so there's always next year to kill it because honestly I fucked up the opportunity this time. The whole thing has taught me that I really want to move away and start living my own life in a different city and that independence is what really inspires me - perhaps it's an omen to not go to university and head into work but who knows. Will be trying for more of these next year. 

As for what I want to do in the world of work, it's weird. I've been having the best time of my life at carphone and also realised that there is potential to be a high level salesperson but I dunno if selling other people's things inspires me, I think creating is more important honestly. 

I think making money will be important, at least at first because being allowed to have freedom and choice in my life is incredibly important and money is the only you can get that.

Or you go for passion, which hopefully ends in profit but am I prepared to live a life of subsistence for my craft? Not sure I think with the way I was raised probably not. 

Short little prophetic journal today, physics revision and other things to do so nighty night guys. 

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