Feel No Way

Feel No Way

Jun 12, 2017, 12:08:33 AM Opinion

A rubbish memory paired with some 600-700 blog posts was never going to be a good combination. I don't remember a lot from the start of all this, a few posts come to mind like social suicide where I quit social media for a month or "a new way to vote" where those that understood the most about the subject at question would have more weighted votes than just doing it to impress their friends. 

That's what today's post is about, not voting or anything but rather impressing your friends. Well not really that but rather our need for external validation - for people to say we're doing the right thing before we ourselves are allowed to take any pride for it. 

I think it's something I'd focussed on - just being able to be happy with myself without the need for others - this lack of external validation. 

It's something that redbeard talked about a lot and something I believed to be very important. In recent months I'd kinda forgotten about it because frankly I'd isolated myself. I remember a few months ago I predicted that because of exams and cliques and that it would happen. I'm not mad - far from it. I would rather have the things I've done than hanging out with people I don't even like talking about things I have no interest in. 

So last night we went to this concert and I spent a good portion of the time at the start just watching the other people trying to get them to laugh and I died and lived by the littlest things. Then I just realised I was there to have fun for myself and did that and all was good. So just a short reminder to myself for myself. 

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