Life can be tough sometimes. Full of challenges that seem to crop up out of nowhere, threatening to overwhelm us.

When you have a vision of something you want to achieve, you will find yourself driven to fight for it and overcome whatever hurdles stand in your way.

There are times when you will encounter small challenges and get through them easily, but other times you will face big challenges - true giants. It is at times like these that you find yourself praying to God to help you.


The 12 Spies of Israel

When the Israelites sent spies to survey the Promised Land (Numbers 13), they learned that there were giants in the land. Courage failed the children of Israel and, as a result, they missed the opportunity to possess the land much sooner. This is despite the fact that God had already told them that He would stand with them always!


So the question is - Why did God allow giants in the land? Why didn’t He just clear the path ahead and lead the Israelites directly to where He wanted them to be?


The simple answer is that God allows giants to stand in our path so that we can learn to focus on Him - ALWAYS.


God doesn’t want us to focus on the obstacles, but rather on His power. This is the only way to build up our faith in Him. Remember that the Israelites had already faced smaller challenges in the wilderness, and they had cried out to God, and He had delivered them time and time again. What they didn’t realise was that the smaller challenges were simply a warm-up for much greater challenges to come!


David and Goliath

To understand this better, let’s look at the story of David. David was a shepherd boy who had become used to fighting off predators to keep his sheep safe. Whether it was a bear or lion (1 Samuel 17:34 – 37), David learned to tackle his challenges in faith because he knew God was always with him. These obstacles may have seemed big at the time, but compared to what he would face in the future, they were relatively minor.


When facing the giants who are blocking our vision or the promises God has given us, we need to remember that our reaction will depend on a past point of reference – the previous hurdles God took us through.


God expects us to fight the battle, but we have to do it His way! The Israelites forgot how their God had fought for them in the past and they allowed fear, rather than faith, to fill their hearts. They forgot their past point of reference the moment they faced their giants!


David, on the other hand, remembered all the smaller challenges he had fought and how God had helped him. He realised that if he was to defeat Goliath, he had to fight him God’s way. That is why he took off the armour – not only because it didn’t fit, but because it would have diminished his faith in God! Why put on God’s faith when you have King Saul’s special armour protecting you? He had fought off a lion and bear with no armour, so why did he need it now?


Confessing the Word of God

Another aspect of defeating your giant is speaking the word of God. Ten of the Israelite spies who came back spoke words of fear, and only two spoke words of faith (Numbers 14:6-9). David spoke God’s word to his giant and overcame him.


If you tell yourself that you cannot face your giant, and the words come from your lips, then you are focusing on fear instead of faith. The journey may be tough and the giants many, but if you focus on Christ and speak the word of God over the situation, you will slay your giant and get to your Promised Land.


God is faithful to His word and His word is true. Hold on to His word and it shall come to pass!


Published by Kevin Omz


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