The Apostle Paul seems to project a level of sincere love for his fellow brethren in Christ that I consider amazing. All throughout his epistles, he expresses a deep and genuine love for his fellow believers, even when rebuking them. It appears that he would be willing to give or do anything for them.

This is difficult to comprehend at first, considering his former life. This man zealously persecuted and killed the followers of Jesus Christ! Now he zealously loves and cares about them?

Then God reminds me that “He who is forgiven much will also love much.” This is what Jesus was talking about in Luke 7:47 when explaining why the woman was shedding tears and wiping His feet with her hair.

Those believers who never take their eyes off the cross of Christ will always remember just how far God has brought them, and just how much the blood of Jesus continually cleanses them of their unrighteousness. Due to their dogged faith in their Saviour, they are always grateful for what they have, no matter how small it may look, and are willing to share it with others. It could be time, love, money, or whatever it may be.

Please God, help me be more like Christ every day, never ashamed to share with others whatever You have blessed me with, especially this Christmas season! Amen.

Published by Kevin Omz


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