The Advantages and Disadvantages of Marble Tables and Counter tops

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Marble Tables and Counter tops

Marble is a soft stone, which means that while it is dense, it is also susceptible to stains and scratches. Your vintage and antique marble top tables or counter, on the other hand, can be enjoyed for many years and by future generations if you take the time and effort to properly preserve it.

The advantages of a Marble Table or Counter top

Marble has numerous advantages, which is why it has remained a popular material for so long.

  • It’s Beautiful: One of the most appealing aspects of marble is its aesthetic appeal. Nothing comes close to comparing. A marble dining table or end table will go with almost any decor and will be a talking point for your guests.
  • It’s Long-Lasting With Proper Care: Marble is long-lasting when properly and consistently cared for. It may just outlast every other piece of furniture in your home if properly cared for!
  • It’s Classic: It is a classic that will never go out of style. It’s worth noting how even antique marble furniture never goes out of style. Marble is a long-lasting addition to your home that you won’t have to update or replace, and you’re unlikely to want to!
  • It’s Versatile: Marble table tops come in a variety of gorgeous natural colours, and tables can be created to fit a contemporary, modern aesthetic as well as a natural, traditional, or antique feel. You’ll have no trouble finding a marble table that complements your style.
  • It May Be Repaired: If marble is not well maintained, it can be restored by a professional with good results.

Disadvantages of Marble Top Tables

Before purchasing a marble table or countertop, consider the following factors:

  • It necessitates upkeep: Marble necessitates meticulous cleaning and upkeep. You can’t even leave messes to sit for a minute!
  • It Scratches and Etches With Ease: It scratches and etches with ease. The use of seals will not prevent this.
  • It May Need to Be Sealed on a Frequent Basis: A marble top may need to be sealed on a regular basis in high-use locations (such as counters). To safeguard your marble and keep it looking new, it’s recommended that you clean it once a year.
  • It necessitates the usage of coasters: coasters will be required at all times. A ring will be left by even a simple glass of water.
  • It Is Easily Stained: Marble is more sensitive to acidic meals and ordinary household items than other stones (such as granite). Many household products, including wine, coffee, and cola, can stain or impair the sheen of a marble table top.
  • Resurfacing is Expensive: Marble that has been stained or scraped can be resurfaced by a professional, but the cost of this treatment is substantial.

Things to Avoid Staining Marble

  • Tannins are a type of tannin that can be found in (found in coffee, tea, and wine)
  • Beta-carotine is a kind of carotine that is (found in carrots and other vegetables)
  • Carbonates of calcium and magnesium (found in hard water)
  • Alkalines vs. Acids (vinegar, ammonia, lemon, etc.)

Marble Table Tops’ Best Uses

It’s crucial to think about how you’ll use the table in your home. A marble coffee table, for example, would look fantastic in a formal living room, where it would primarily serve as a showcase rather than a colouring table for kids or a place to put your laptop. You may rest drinks on it if you’re careful with coasters, but if there’s a spill, it needs to be cleaned up right afterwards.

How to Take Care of a Marble Counter top or Table

How much time and work does it take to properly maintain a marble table top? In general, all you have to do is be cautious!

  • Use coasters on a regular basis.
  • If there is a spill, clean it up right away, especially if it is acidic.
  • If you have a marble dining table, trivets and/or a table pad will be necessary to preserve the surface when serving meals.
  • Only use cleansers designed specifically for marble.
  • Traditional household cleaners that are acidic and contain strong chemicals might harm the surface or dull the sheen.
  • If you want to use white marble, avoid using wax.
  • It could result in major deterioration, turning your lovely white into a dismal yellow.
  • Remember to seal the stone according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Marbles do not always require sealing. Before you acquire a piece of marble furniture, make sure you ask if it needs to be sealed. If you use a high-quality sealer, sealing is relatively simple.
  • A mild soap can be used a few times a year, but for everyday cleanings, very warm water and a soft sponge would suffice. After that, use a soft cotton or microfiber towel to buff the stone.

Is the beauty of owning a marble table worth the time and effort it takes to keep it clean? Absolutely! A beautiful marble table can be the focal point of a room. It’ll most likely become your favourite piece of furniture in your home. You won’t have to replace it because it will last forever! 

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