Blogmas Day 1 - A little tardy - Try on Haul - New Look, H&M and Bershka

Blogmas Day 1 - A little tardy - Try on Haul - New Look, H&M and Bershka

Hi everyone, 

Ok so as you can see from the title I shall be starting Blogmas. However, day one was already a fail!! 

Yesterday I woke up with a bad stomach virus and now I also have temperature - so yes I started December off with a sicky feeling! 

But alas, I shall not let this affect me from doing BLOGMAS! I did it last year and really enjoyed it. So I decided on doing it this year. 

Now since today is already the 2nd December I have decided that I will run Blogmas as so - I will write the Blogmas day one on the 2nd December, and then I will write Blogmas Day 2 on the 3rd December ... if you get what I mean. If I see this is too confusing I will just put two days together and then I will be fully compensated and would have caught up with the days. 

Now enough blabbing !! Let's get on with the post!! 

On Tuesday I went to our 'Tal-Lira Jumbo Store' - Tal-Lira means one pound - so it can be compared to America's The Dollar Tree or the UK's One Pound Shop. 

I bought several Christmas decorations like a Christmas Tree - very tine one - some more fairy lights, a hohoho decoration, some reindeer ears and another reindeer ornament. I am still placing them in my room and decorating. So once that is all done I will post some photos! 

Traditionally our family used to decorate every year on the 8th December but since the years have passed decorating the house seems to have lost its priority. So now I usually do it for myself in my room. I guess it is a little saddening as being in a house not decorated for Christmas really doesn't set you in the Christmas spirit. But who knows maybe this year will be different! 

Anyways, have you decorated for Christmas?

What is you favourite decoration?

Comment down below !! 

I also would like to add that on Wednesday I put up a new video - my Try on Haul from things I bought from New Look, Bershka and H&M.

They are things I bought from when I went to London in September. And three months later I have done hauls on almost everything that I bought whilst I was there - Accomplishment right there!! 

So if you would like to see it you can go ahead I will be linking it right here - 


Thank you so much for reading! 

Hope you all have a lovely day & weekend!! 

Love Kezia



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