Top 5 Misconceptions about Living In New York

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Anytime I travel and I tell someone I’ve from Brooklyn, New York, I hear so much bad things about it. The funny thing is that so many things that certainly are not true. If you’re that person that always have crap to say about New York, I’m talking to you! First off you watch too much TV and we all know television and movies are misleading. Movie depictions of “New York” and the real New York are so different.


  • Everyone Is Rude: Depends on the situation. Of course, if I’m in a rush, I’m not going to want to stop to talk to you. I have somewhere to be! But If I’m not in a rush and you stop someone that’s not in a rush, we ‘ll definitely stop and give you some help. I’ve seen plenty of people hold the doors open for others on the train or stop and give directions. So this misconception is one I really don’t understand. Now there’s thousands of tourist walking around in New York and most people work in the city. When you stop dead in the middle of the sidewalk to take pictures or talk while I’m on my way to work and probably late, yes you’re most likely to get cursed out. New York is fasted paced. Us New Yorkers are always on the move and have some place to go, no matter what time of day it is or what day we have things to do. But I think that’s everywhere, not just in New York. In face I helped a lady find the park in my neighborhood sooooo boom…


  • Accents: I’m trying to understand what accent you guys are talking about? There are so many different nationalities living in New York, I don’t know what accents people are referring to. I definitely don’t think I have an accent.


  • It’s dangerous: Girl Bye! Stop watching so many movies. Everywhere is dangerous. New York is no different.


  • It’s too loud: Huh? Outside is a loud place no matter where you go. Cars and buses aren’t honking all times of the night. “The City that never sleeps,” is something that you shouldn’t necessarily believe that because I go to sleep at 10:30.


  • Can’t raise a family: I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. My grandmother moved her 10 children from Mississippi to New York and raised them all here. My father left his country, Grenada, and raised his other children in New York as well. It’s more expensive to raise a family in New York? Yes. Is it impossible? No.


Yes, New York is very much different from other places. It’s not like the south with the homey Southern comfort vibe, but there’s no other place like it. I wouldn’t want to be from any other place.

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