Book Review: Year of Yes

Book Review: Year of Yes

Sep 21, 2016, 5:05:06 PM Life and Styles

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Okay, it took me a while but I’ve finally finished the book. I mean my friends and I started this book back in January, we were trying to do a little book club situation. Needless to say life quickly jumped in the way and our weekly reading and discussion session stopped mid-way in the book. And I mean this book is to good not to finish. So, I downloaded audile and began listening to the rest of the book using the app. This made my experience even better because it was Shonda reading it to me.

I have always admired Shonda for her creativity with all of her shows and everything. But this book…. O!… M!… G!… I am in love with Shonda. Literally! As I read and listened to the book, I felt a connection with Shonda, like I was dancing in the sun with her. I felt like we were sitting in a coffee shop having tea, discussing Beyoncé (because she’s a Beyoncé Fan) and her connection with Cristina Yang’s character from Grey’s Anatomy.
This is the first book in a long time that I have enjoyed every word. I mean from beginning to end. She mentored me. She gave me advise. She helped me. She showed me what stepping out on faith really looks like. Without knowing what she would have to face, she vowed to say Yes! Yes, to the uncomfortable things she’s always avoided. She made a vow and she stuck to it. She said Yes. Shonda personally helped me. After reading this book I feel inspired to just be me and let my true light shine no matter who’s watching. She taught me how to dance in the sun. I’m now dancing in the sun of my own life. I dance alone. I need no one to dance with me and no one to watch me, I just dance.

Now, in the book she talks about Cristina Yang of Grey’s Anatomy a lot. When she described what it was like creating the exit of Cristina Yang’s character, I cried. I mean, I was driving and listening to how she prepared the moment of Cristina’s final farewell. In a blink of an eye, I was balling. I remember that episode like it was yesterday. I had to pull over and gather my thoughts, and just like the night that episode aired on ABC, I cried. A hard emotional cry. It was well needed and with the voice of Shonda in my ear, I cried harder. Cristina Yang is only a character to some people, but to me that character lives forever. She was so driven and smart. But best of all, she had a person. Meredith Grey was her person. Like non other, she had a person and she was Meredith’s person too. That’s something I’ve never had, but wish I experience in my lifetime. I want my own person. Cristina and Meredith. I want that bond.

I recommend this book to EVERYONE. I feel like anyone who picks up this book can benefit from it. There is truly a message for everyone in this book. And if everyone in the world knew how to dance in the sun like Shonda, we’d all be a bit happier. Happiness is always good. It’s inspirational. It’s honest. It’s 5-star!

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