The 31-Day Challenge

The 31-Day Challenge

Nov 1, 2016, 9:08:04 PM Business

It’s November 1st, and the 31-day challenge is over.

October was the beginning of me taking control of my career. I am a few months away from finishing graduate school and I have the power to take control. The 31-days of Applying Yourself challenge was successfully and I am proud of myself.

Let’s recap….

October 1st, I challenged myself and you to take control of your career and seek growth. The challenge was to apply for a desirable positions each day of the month. The goal was to get an interview and take the necessary steps towards growth in your career.

Each day I sat behind my computer searching and applying for the “next big thing” in my career. Within this month I received a few follow up phone calls and e-mails, even more rejection letters, and two interviews. I used my resources to update my resume and LinkedIn profile. I developed an application tracker to keep track of the company and position I have applied for.

So what’s next…

I will continue to apply myself. I challenge you to continue to apply yourself. The opportunities are out there but no one is going to hand them to you. You have to work for it. As these 31- days come to an end, I am still motivated to grow my career as a professional. So, now I will go back and follow up on those pending job applications, search for more positions that may be a great fit for me, and network through LinkedIn to get connected with the right people.

Don’t Give Up! Remember, Rome was not built in a day, and your career will not be either.

If you have any questions about the challenge and how I did it, I’m happy to share…. Just Ask!

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