10 Things I Want to Say to White People (after Omar Holmon)

10 Things I Want to Say to White People (after Omar Holmon)

Mar 4, 2017, 1:20:55 AM Creative


81 percent of superheroes in the Marvel universe got one power,
And that is White Privilege,

Stop taking DNA tests because even if you are 1 percent Black,
It still doesn’t give you the right to say ‘nigga’,
The only reason you took the DNA test to begin with,
Was so you can say ‘well I can’t be racist because look,
I got African ancestry’,

cough, cough, bullshit

White girls if you are afraid to introduce Jerome to Mom and Dad,
Most likely your family is racist,
And the only reason you are with Jerome,
Is because you gotta’ satisfy your wife of a slave master feeling,
Secretly waiting for Jerome to call you ‘Missus’,

Culture Misappropriation is at an all-time high,
Young white wannabe’ Eminem,
Pull up your pants and remove your corn-rolls,
Including white boys trying to become Rastafarians,
That shit has history and your blood is spoiling it,

If you are a slave master wifey, yes you have been oppressed,
Are paid less but at least you can say you are paid higher than the rest,
Look on the bright side, you fought and won the right to vote,
But also intentionally ignored minority women,

Dear white men,
You are confused and refuse to comprehend the world around you,
Blaming immigrants for working jobs that you yourself refuse to work,
Even your ancestors watched as minorities built this country,
And look at you now, sitting in lawn chairs and watching again,

White parents judging other cultures,
You don’t see Hispanic, African, or Asian children bringing a gun to school,
And shooting everybody do you,
Instead the majority of school shootings are committed by white kids,
Maybe instead of time-outs you should whoop his or her ass once in a while,

I get it, you have infiltrated Black communities,
Hiding behind the democratic party,
But you were and are the same ones,
Who paid and still pay black folks to snitch on each other,
Fred Hampton ring a bell,

While we try to make everything white and skinny,
We can’t help but to sexualize foreign beauty,
Doing everything we can to make hijab sexy,
Lack of clothing through-out history,
Wasn’t because indigenous were trying to be sexy,
Rape didn’t exist in Indigenous language until you came along,

Took so long to get here,
Why don’t you re-read the previous nine points,
Because I am pretty sure you are saying to yourself,
‘Well I’m not racist’,

Published by Khalid Zilberg

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