Alphabet Challenge For Tomi Lahren

Alphabet Challenge For Tomi Lahren

Mar 18, 2017, 4:59:10 PM Creative

They got so many assumptions guessing my inspirations,
Asking for a distinction ignoring I'm on prescriptions,
Inhaling historical extinctions learning from past subscriptions,
Questioning if you are non-fiction or am I suffering from hallucinations,

Don't get me twisted when you are the one requesting my execution,
I refuse to discriminate but I'm not afraid to exterminate,
Conservative sanitation right wing manifestations,
Tomi Lahren has a lack of imagination and education,

90 percent of terrorism attacks on U.S soil are acted out by non-Muslim Americans,
Blaming Muslim majority countries while the U.S government covers up assassinations,
Can't deny facts so you manipulate manuscripts citing bad equations,
Pointing out black on black crime even though your ancestors were slave masters,

Seems you suffer from selective memory so how about we seek a historian,
Due to malnutrition its safe to say your jealous of black women genetics,
Precedence over ignorance paints Black Genocide perfectly,
Blond hair and white skin condemns you to privilege and prosperity,

Lack of understanding in regards to institutionalized slavery,
Shoved Christianity down native people's throats while churches ask for charity,
I'm only asking for clarity because you can't comprehend disparity,
King Leopold II of Belgium was Hitler of previous centuries quite clearly,

He was trying to perfect the art of Invasion and Westernization,
U.S followed his lineage and forced Japanese into concentration camps,
Blame your conservative friends who started the Crack Epidemic,
Tomi Lahren is full of crap and should seek immediate medical attention,


Published by Khalid Zilberg

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