An Intelligent Woman Is 10x (More) Beautiful Compared To A Hoe Like You (7 Languages)

An Intelligent Woman Is 10x (More) Beautiful Compared To A Hoe Like You (7 Languages)

Mar 18, 2017, 4:54:40 PM Creative

I've seen models and actresses,
Tank tops and short skirts,
No materials can match intellect,
Need an example,
How about I spit in 7 languages,

Rangat uski chand jaisi, gulabi uske hont hain,
Her countenance forces the moon into jealousy,
Exotic flowers admire her lips due to pinkness,
Njengo mdudo ka Mapassa,
Promised the marriage feat of Mapassa,

If you think wearing G-Strings and Bikinis will stun me,
You're dreaming,
While your busy learning the English alphabet,
I've moved on to another script,


We are polar opposites,
You think because your half-naked,
I am going to dream of you,
You're in for a rude awakening,
We both need oxygen,
Your grief keeps growing,
More skin starts showing,

Have you learned anything,
You think wearing heels,
Walking loudly,
Putting on bright lip-stick,
Stuffing tissue under your shirt will faze me,
I married intelligence,


My promise was to never quit,
No break or decay,
If the hills are flat,
Rivers are dry,
If it thunders in the winter,
Snows in the summer,

Umbambo zemka zabuyelela
Ngaphantsi kwelitye kuyoyikeka
Kuba zilaph’ iinzwana namadikazi
I remember when my father would say,
His ribs swell out and collapse,
Young men are involved with loose women,

You think wearing a dress showing leg,
Cleavage popping out at award ceremonies is beautiful,
Somehow your belief that educating others about your culture,
Means to sexualize indigenous women,
Imilomo isibikizela okwenja yomLungu ngokuzonda

It is amazing to watch generation X corrupt tradition,
You think going downtown and getting wasted,
Spending hours grinding and having unprotected sex,
Has something to do with feeling alive,
Have you tried falling in love,

Una tarde que nunca olvidarás
llega a tu casa y se sienta a la mesa
50 percent of marriages fail,
You'll never forget that afternoon,
He will come to your home and sit at your table,

en las paredes y los muebles estarán sus huellas
descenderá tu cama y ahuecará la almohada
His smell, touch, taste, feel, and hearing leaves traces,
Your bed will be a disgrace and his pillow hollow,

What I just described to you,
Was your future,
This advice is for both men and women,
I've been seeing a lot of 'religious' sisters and brothers,
Acting in contradiction,
What hypocrites,

All that perfume and make-up
I know what you're doing,
You think an adaan baby will be made,
Hell nah, 
I married intelligence,
She's 10x more beautiful than you,


Published by Khalid Zilberg

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