[Broken] Cultural Traditions and Religious Beliefs: Friend or Foe

Parents establishing race and religion requirements before Kindergarten,
Idea of marrying the enemy,
Someone who self-identifies as a believer of a another religion,
Becomes worthy of castration,

In India, if you marry outside of your Caste,
Either above or below,
Possibility of being stoned, burned, or tortured increases,
Young Muslim men are afraid of proposing to a Hindu, Sikh, and/or Buddhist,

Arab men and women instructed to marry within their sect,
Sunni man marrying a Shia' girl considered an abomination,
Somali parents punish Somali girls,
Who consider marrying a non-Muslim,
Indonesian and Malaysian parents exile children,

Western tradition is no different,
If a born 'again Christian' introduces a Mormon girl to his family,
One or both of them will be called a 'heretic',
Jehovah Witness sister introducing a Sikh believer,
Faces of disappointment,

Sikh marrying a Muslim,
'Born again Christian' marrying a Mormon,
Jehovah Witness marrying an Atheist,
Sunni marrying a Shia',

We are reverting back to the era of slavery,
In which America had its own Caste system,
Imitating South African Apartheid,
Government made it illegal for White, Black, 'Colored' persons,
To marry one another as well as to have children,

In my eyes, the most beautiful sight,
Acts of interracial marriage,
Bi-racial children proven to have a higher IQ,
Compared to non bi-racial children,

In my eyes, the most beautiful sight,
Acts of inter-religious marriage,
Sunni and Shia' marrying each other,
Respecting one another's beliefs,
Mormon and Sikh accepting each other's vows,

If you disagree, I don't care,
At least my love for humanity,
Hasn't dissipated and been replaced,
With twisted racist, nationalistic, religious beliefs,


Published by Khalid Zilberg

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