Donald J. Trump Do You Know How To Read?

Donald J. Trump Do You Know How To Read?

Mar 4, 2017, 1:16:43 AM Entertainment


When I watched you swear on the bible,
I thought your orange tan would dissipate,
And the devil would present himself,
But that never happened,

So it has arrived,
Fate and a war of words,
Even stating it as a war,
Is generous,

El-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz,
Memorized the dictionary,
While Mr. Trump,
Your vocabulary is equal to that of,
A 2nd grader,

The only words you use,
Are repeated,
Over and over,
Such as Huge and Great,

Are you compensating,
Is that why you keep Melania close-by,
So she doesn’t tell us the truth,

You didn’t accomplish much,
Slave Masters were our founding fathers,
The KKK and government officials shake hands,
Only thing different about this,
Is that you openly admitted,
To having Wet Dreams about your own daughter,

Grabbing women by their private parts,
Wonder what you have against Melania,
Did you threaten to send her home,
If she leaks to the press,
How money women you paid off,
If they kept quiet,
Or how many illegal immigrants,
You sexually assaulted,

You are not an expert on the environment,
Instead I wish you suffer from repeated lightening strikes,
Maybe it will increase your IQ,
If we are lucky,

In regards to Education,
You would benefit from attending University,
Instead of making money off of ignorant consumers,

If God truly loves America,
I hope He sends a letter,
And your secret service agents open it,
None of them should take a bullet for you,
You are not worth the pain,

After you finish the wall,
I hope you get stuck on the wrong side,
Maybe the cartels will take initiative,
And educate you,

Published by Khalid Zilberg

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