Everything Wrong With Our Education System

Everything Wrong With Our Education System

Mar 4, 2017, 1:20:06 AM Creative


Know this, I am trying to solve the most complex equation,
How to be a good husband while my mind imagines letters,
Which form imaginary words not meant for paper,
If Einstein shared a table with Shakespeare,
Whose teacher was Michelangelo and Beethoven directed,
To put plainly, I put in fucking work,

And, if this wasn’t enough,
Debt strangles me as professors observe,
My brain counts every crack in the sidewalk,
Divided by each footstep I take,
Multiplied by the amount of feet per mile,
99 red balloons play tic-tac-toe,

By the time I step foot in a classroom,
I have learned that university school boards are a joke,
Administration believes plagiarism is more serious,
Ignoring David raping Becky whose Freshman year was shattered,
When you see me sitting quietly, understand,
I had a choice to cross subway platforms,
While others were kidnapped, forced, and enslaved,
Truth hurts when White ears kill Black faces,

If you want to know what is wrong, understand,
To pay for everyone’s education, it would cost 70 million dollars,
Our government spends that much to subsidize education,
Dropping billion dollar care packages off at the front door of murderous countries,
University has become like that of Walmart on Black Friday,
Not shedding a single tear when lives are lost,
Instead only caring about $$$,

Published by Khalid Zilberg

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