Making Love If Your Down While The Sun Comes Up

Making Love If Your Down While The Sun Comes Up

Mar 4, 2017, 2:35:26 AM Creative


On Monday she’s Beautiful, On Tuesday she’s Natural,
On Wednesday she’s Organic, On Thursday she’s On Fleek,
On Friday she’s a Ninfo, During the Weekend she’s Careful,

She’s my shorty and willing to slow wine, not afraid to take time,
Asked if everything was true, I replied don’t believe everything you read online,
Wanted to know if she looked fine, I told her she looks great while we unwind,
Understand when I’m on my grind, I need you to walk a fine line,
Be my genie in a bottle, while I drink from non-alcoholic bottles,

So many eyes on me, don’t panic I will set you free,
Your jealousy, don’t you see your the only one for me,
We don’t need drama, lets fly to the Bahamas,
Lift one another while we please each other,
It ain’t even midnight lets go till the morning,

Waking up next to each other while holding one another,
Do you remember last night, we barely could see nor speak,
Turned the lights off and used the night sky,
Connected constellations played with each other’s skin tone,
Felt the tip of my finger while kissing your neckline,

Used your tongue to paint pretty pictures,
Our eyes connected like we were telepathic,
Followed one another’s movements forgetting gravity,
Better yet we broke reality and are a duo of insanity,

Published by Khalid Zilberg

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