Mental Health: A Big Deal And A Hidden Disease

Inspired By Taz

The adult world is not designed for us to dream,
Impossible to explain depression instead only hesitation,
Society publishes self-help yoga and medication books,

On paper it looks like I have everything,
In reality depression is a disease that causes “I don’t know”,
Do you think I enjoy walking with pain,
Everyday harder to talk,
Carrying two lives: one in each hand pulling strings,

Living has become a nightmare and it just ain’t fair,
Symptoms affecting every part of my life,
Work, school, and privately crying,
Waking up every morning feeling like shit,

She wakes up caring for sick children [without a father],
He is tired and goes to work in a state of hatred,
She has been told she will never accomplish anything,
He was reminded daily as a child that homosexuality was an abomination,
She can’t concentrate at school and the teacher calls her retarded,

Do you think co-workers realize or friends care?
Impossible to bring ourselves to happiness,
Pulling us to the ground as life hammers exhaustion into our chests,

We put up a wall so high that you will never see our pain,
Creating multiple characters so lies are kept secret,
Hard to rise out of bed,
Living with depression feels like living in hell,

No matter how high a GPA,
Enough friends to max out and can’t accept anymore Facebook friends,
The stigma is real,
Mental health will not go away,
If we do not accept that depression is a big deal,

Religions call it a joke,
A fake disease in which ignorant scholars give ignorant answers,

“Get over it”,
“You got it easy”,
“Things could be worse”,
“Everything happens for a reason”,

If your intention is other than to listen, feel, and care,
Leave God out of it for at least 10 seconds,
If I needed religion I would enter a confessional,
Speak to the local father at the church down the road,

Published by Khalid Zilberg

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