The Muslim Ban: I Am A [Islamic Feminist Communist]

The Muslim Ban: I Am A [Islamic Feminist Communist]

Mar 4, 2017, 1:18:08 AM Creative


Trump’s Muslim ban, God has another plan,
Using security as an excuse,
White men equal a higher probability,
Of killing, murdering, raping, and terrorizing,

If the government wanted to clean the streets,
They would sweep up all the Europeans,
And send them back to King George,
Oh wait, why did the slave masters gather up arms,
I remember, they didn’t want to be taxed,
So instead of emptying pockets,
They choose to massacre and steal land,

My question is simple,
How are you going to ban 7 Muslim countries,
From traveling to America,
That has no owner,

When the Chinese paid Muslims to travel,
Indigenous traded spice, language, and culture,
Long before Columbus and small pox blankets arrived,
Muslims have more ownership,
Compared to White people,

Fascism 101, the KKK, and Trump’s Third Reich,
If we were living during the time of Paul Robeson,
I would be labelled a communist sympathizer,
Judged in front of a panel and my allegiance questioned,

Yes, I a Communist,
I am a Islamic Feminist Communist,
Dreaming of a society in which all property,
Is publicly owned and corporations can’t decide our future,
Each person works and is paid,
According to their abilities and need,

Now what Trump, you stole the election,
Rigged the results and are illegitimate,
Hate Black people and hold disregard for all life,
That isn’t White, European, and/or Christian,

Send me to Guantanamo,
It won’t stop the revolution,
Of populations picking up arms,
I am a Islamic Feminist Communist,

Published by Khalid Zilberg

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