This Type of Woman Is Gold

Dedicated To Nurlaili Solichah
My Queen, Woman of Gold

A good woman will get on your nerves,
She will look over your shoulder everyday,
Watch who and what you text to others,
Doesn’t even need to be another woman,
Any guy who texts you is suspect,

When you’re playing NBA 2K16,
She purposely stands in front of the TV,
Jumps on top of you,
Distracts you,
Realize this type of woman is Gold,
The type of woman who when she is in the kitchen,
She wears your basketball shorts,
Gives you ‘lets fuck on the kitchen counter top’ gaze,
When your upset she’s willing to go down on you,

Lets be real,
A jealous woman is a real woman,
If she doesn’t get angry at hoes in close proximity,
She isn’t worth keeping,
It means she is protecting what is hers,
And only hers,

Most men don’t realize what she meant until she left,
What she gave until it is gone,
And what did she give?

She loved Madea,
Was in agreement that children need discipline,
And none of that time-out bullshit,

She was the kind of woman who read your mind,
Even while her man was sleeping,
She prayed over you so nothing hurts you,
Dressed to perfection whenever you went out,
She wanted to be your Queen,

For myself, I know what is precious,
When my woman wants to hear my heart-beat,
Keeps her ear close to my chest,
And kisses my hand to remind me she never left,

Something this good,
Never let it leave,

Published by Khalid Zilberg

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