Wishing For A Lioness & Amazonian Queen (Not A Gazelle)


What do I need, what do I want,
Feminine attraction but a lioness in the streets,
I’m not going to lie,
I prefer a freak under the sheets and a gangster in the streets,

What is a woman if society forces gender norms,
I want my woman to raise her voice in the grocery store,
On the bus if a man doesn’t give up his seat,
If another man is staring,
She better ask him if he cares about his vision,
He’s going to need a blind man’s walking stick,

A quiet woman is not what I desire,
Nor a submissive slave in the kitchen,
Instead, I found myself a warrior holding an AK-47,
Screaming the revolution continues,
It will not be televised,

Men fantasize about a woman in lingerie and high heels,
I picture an Amazonian queen ruling multiple kingdoms,
Queen Sheba’s descendant exploring love-inspired fortune,
She wears lingerie on the weekends but during the week,
Rescues slaves and kills thousands of masters,

Society promotes skin and bones,
Only thick if she’s got lips,
Rather search for a freedom fighter carrying the 2nd amendment,
Make love in the backseat next to the Hollywood Sign,
Prepared if Oakland PD drops bombs on Black neighborhoods again.

Small-caliber hiding in her thigh high boots,
Mother willing to whoop children,
If they aren’t back before the flickering of street lights,
This is my kind of queen,
One that isn’t afraid of martyrdom,

Published by Khalid Zilberg

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