How does a beardcutter work?

How does a beardcutter work?

Dec 2, 2017, 9:15:11 PM Life and Styles


Many men shave. That is true even for those who have beards. While the beard is generally considered as the absence of shaving, such facial hair also requires care and cutting. Beard trimmers allow individuals to quickly and efficiently trim their facial hair.

How a beard cutter works

Beard trimmers work in the same way as razors. Unlike electric razors, rotating blades are placed at a higher level to maintain hair length. In general, beard cutters consist of rotating or oscillating leaves protected by a perforated shield. These shavers are connected to a manual electronic device. The individual guides the device along the edge of the beard. While the hair comes in contact with the device, the hairs go through the perforated shield. Behind this shield are the leaves, which cut the facial hair evenly for a soft cut. The shield protects the individual from the leaves if the cutter comes in contact with the skin.

Choosing the right beard style

Modeling a beard requires a static hand and an eye to achieve the desired end result. The beards should accentuate the positive facial features of the individual and sometimes could be used to hide the less positive facial features. Many stylists and hairdressers can help a person choose the right style, length and cut of the beard. For example, the beards can go by the edge of the jaw or they can reach higher and accentuate the cheekbones.

How to trim a beard

A person must first shave the bare areas of your skin with a traditional shaver or an electric razor. Face and facial hair should be dried after applying the beard cutter. For a more precise cut, a beard cutter should be used in the same direction as the beard grows. It is better to go slow. It is easier to cut more when it is necessary to try to cover a hole that has been too cut. Finally, use sharp scissors to trim areas that are difficult to reach with the beard cutter, such as near the ears or on the edge of the pear.

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