Sketch Book - Starting your creative diary

Sketch Book - Starting your creative diary

Sketch books are a diary of sort. 

Opening the first page and connecting paper to pen, pencil, charcoal, marker, paint etc. is something amazing. It feels like starting on a blank canvas - except making drafts is great. Recently De Vinci's work - Part 1 was around the National Gallery here in Dublin! Was amazing! Looking at his finished work as well as a few pages off of his sketchbook. It was amazing - nothing complete but of his ideas and observations as well as a few practice sketches. 

I think looking onto an empty page and doing nothing will just get under your skin - you need to fill it up and start drawing all over it. Your sketch book is nothing like a finished piece but a diary for your thought processes and observations. I have several of it. I currently have 5 sketchbooks because I wanted to jot down a quick sketch and I only had one or because it has a different kind of paper there.

From one filled sketchbook - something that can have hundreds of sketches you may only create handful or a dozen pieces. This is normal and would be encouraged. Don't be afraid to start. It can be a sketch - a quick one, or practice for a specific part of the body you just haven't  got the hang of yet -like the hands, feet or even the eyes, nose and lips.

So give it a go. Draw, sketch and keep a diary of your thoughts. It is all about your thinking process and nothing about talent, or being graded on it. It is for your eyes only. Like a diary of sorts.

  I know that this was a rant like post for my first post but I hope you read and follow from now after getting a general idea of what my posts will be like from the post! Don't be a stranger and leave a comment!


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