The Only Possession: Yourself

The Only Possession: Yourself

“Materialism is the only form of distraction from true bliss.” -Douglas Horton

Our physical possessions can become our soul’s greatest enemies.

The more one has, the more power, importance and aliveness they feel. Why?

The world we live in has a wicked way of determining our worth by the possessions we have. The less we own, the more incompetent and alienated we feel. Thus pressuring us into becoming unconscious consumers. No one wants to be “worthless” right?

Slowly, materialism traps its victim into dissatisfaction. The victim holds the belief that they never have enough. Some even become depressed, never knowing the root of their unhappiness. This is no way to live!

Luckily there’s always a way out.

If we can find the strength to snap out of material distractions, and look deep enough into ourselves, we’d see that the feeling of worthlessness is only created by insecurity, or self-doubt. Our desire to conform is merely a fault in our conditioned perceptions.

With this realization, the secret to contentedness can be found.

There is no physical thing that is fixed or permanent in this world. Our bodies, the people around us, our homes, the nature on Earth and much more are constantly changing. There is no such thing as power or value in possessions because they are not lasting things.

Physical possessions are unlike the true possession we have inside of us. This priceless possession is the everlasting soul we’ve always known, since we were born.

The person watching it all, the voice inside our heads, and the soul we can never buy or sell no matter what we do, is the only true thing we have. Technically, it is our only absolute possession.

We are formless beings; an entire universe manifested in a stream of consciousness. The true deception is the world’s reflection.

We were not designed to become attached to physical things. Therefore, happiness, satisfaction, and fulfillment can only be attained through the soul we truly own. 

Published by Khylla Watson

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