Writing Prompt Response: The Stormy Sky

Writing Prompt: The Stormy Sky

” A storm destroys your uncle’s shed and kills his 6 year old son. Describe the colour of the sky right before the storm hit”.

The storm had been brewing for days before  it came; that furious storm  destroyed everything in its path. Including my uncle’s shed killing my 6 year old cousin.

I could feel it mounting, the air had been thick, muggy and humid. It felt dense. Just from this I knew it  had to rain sometime soon to reduce the humidity.

That  afternoon (of the storm) I looked out at the sky from the attic window, I was upstairs organising and sorting out old clothing,  I heard it the loud crack of thunder rumbled across the sky. The sky was  patchy with grey/black clouds in some areas like the colour of  grey granite stone. The patches merged with the lighter dove grey/blue clouds. Strangely there was a crack of light in middle the sky, it looked almost like someone up there behind the clouds was shining  a flashlight down on earth… God may be? As I squinted my eyes straining to look at the small crack of light between the granite and grey/blue coloured sky, a zig zag of lightening broke out and lit up the heavens. The whole sky went from patchy shades pf granite and grey/blue to a dull yellow shade , just for a split second. A second later there was another loud rumble of thunder.One more zig zag of dull yellow lightening broke out across the sky,  then heavens opened with heavy  rain.

Before my eyes, I witnessed the dark granite grey clouds swallow up the light dove grey/blue clouds, the sky shifted to a new shade of onyx black.  It was like god had switched off his flash light on us. The clouds looked like peaks of coal, bunched up together in small onyx black patches.

The heavy rain beat down on the window drowning out my view, all I could see was darkness,  and hear  the loud  rumble of thunder, the wind howled and violently rocked the window pain.  God, had lost his temper up there I could tell.

Published by Kim Knight


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