Marianne Williamson For President 2020 What You Need To Know

Marianne Williamson For President 2020 What You Need To Know

Sep 15, 2019, 12:52:14 PM News

Marianne Williamson recently announced that she’ll be vying for the presidency in 2020. Since then, the press and political experts seem to have given her campaign a wide berth. It’s worth noting the race to the presidency in 2020 has already attracted many contestants. Here is what you need to know about Marianne Williamson. 

Who is Marianne Williamson? 


At 67 years, (having been born on July 8th, 1952) Marianne Williamson has been and is many things. For starters, she is a spiritual adviser, a lecturer, Oprah Winfrey’s confidant, an activist, and author of some of New York Times best-selling books. She also officiated one of Elizabeth Taylor’s weddings.

From the afore description, it’s evident that Marianne hasn’t been in the political arena before despite having been a career woman for many years. However, it’s worth noting that Marianne in 2014 attempted to replace Henry Waxman as a representative in Southern California who was about to retire.
Her campaign was embraced by popular celebrities among them Kim Kardashian West, Nicole Richie, and Eva Longoria. Alannis Morissette even went ahead and composed a song for her campaign which the singer titled “Today.” 

What’s Marianne Williamson Husband Name?


Marianne was once married, unfortunately, the marriage only lasted a minute and a half according to her. She has chosen to keep her former husband away from the mainstream media. It seems as though that failed relationship had an impact on how she perceives marriage which would explain why she hasn’t remarried since.  

Is there a Marianne Williamson Youtube Channel?


Yes. Marianne Williamson has a Youtube channel titled by her name.  

Does Marianne Williamson have a Partner?


Currently, Marriane Williamson is single and has directed all her energy to pursue her political career. She has kept her personal life as private as she can and has been very reserved when it comes to discussing anything to do with her private affairs.  

About Marianne Williamson Daughter 


Marianne bore her daughter India Emma Williamson in 1990 when she was 38 years old. Today, Marianne’s daughter is 29 years old. According to reports, Emma currently lives in London where she’s undertaking a doctorate in history. Speaking about her, Marianne says that she “is very involved in her synagogue.” She goes on to mention that her daughter leans more towards Jewish practice than she does. Marianne has never publicized her daughter’s father. 

Are there any Marianne Williamson Movies?


No. There aren’t any records showing any link between Marianne Williamson and movies.

Marianne Williamson 2020 Campaigns


A provisional committee was formed on November 15, 2018, where the decision to nominate Marianne Williamson to vie for the presidency on a Democratic ticket was made. Her 2020 presidential campaign would later be announced on January 28, 2019. As we’ve seen above, hers is the second political campaign after she unsuccessfully attempted to become California’s representative in 2014. 

Formation of the Presidential Provisional Committee


While announcing the formation of the presidential provisional committee, Marianne mentioned that a miracle had happened in the country in 1776 which the country currently needs.

However, she said that would only be possible with a: “co-creative effort, an effort of love and a gift of love, to our country and hopefully to our world" perhaps as a way of clarifying why she chose to vie for the presidency during her January visit in New Hampshire, she mentioned that she had "received enough positive energy to make me feel I should take the next step" She would later hire Brent Roske to be the head of her Iowa operation. 

About Brent Roske


In 2014, Brent Roske, contested in the primary for the seat which Ted Lieu holds at the moment. From his campaigns, he earned diverse connection in Iowa as a result of his involvement in a political show aired on television, and which tackled the 2016 caucuses, and his previous dealings with the state. He’s also a film producer.

At some point when Brent was responding to Iowa Democratic party when they proposed the creation of virtual caucuses in the 2020 presidential race, Marianne's campaign team categorically mentioned that they would nominate 99 virtual Iowa Caucus captains, each of whom would be assigned to an individual county. These virtual caucuses would be tasked with garnering supporters both in person and virtually. 

A huge Crowd at the Presidential Campaign Launch


During her official presidential campaign launch which was held in Los Angeles, 2,000 attendees were present. Marianne appointed Maurice Daniel to serve as her national campaign manager. Maurice had previously served along Donna Brazile during the Dick Gephardt’s campaign during the Democratic nomination of 1988.

Her “Marianne Williamson for President” campaign committee was filed officially on 4th of February 2019. Her campaign team would later appoint Paul Hodes, a former congressman as a senior campaign advisor and the New Hampshire state director. Paul Hodes was previously the 2007 to 2011 New Hampshire representative in the 2nd congressional district.  



Marianne’s campaign team announced in May that she had donors had given her sufficient contributions to take part in the official primary debates. During the 2019’s first quarter, she had already raised $1.5 million. Within that duration, up to 46,663 individuals had contributed to the campaign. On May 23rd, Marianne eventually met the polling criteria at 1% with three exclusive polls from certified pollsters. Later in June, Marianne made a confirmation that she had relocated to Des Moines, Iowa ahead of the 2020 caucuses. 

First Debate


During her first debate, Marianne mentioned that her inaugural call as president would be to the prime minister of New Zealand. She proceeded to say that she would “harness love for political purposes" against the current President Donald Trump. That statement would see numerous internet memes created about her.

Some Republicans such as Jeff Roe, Ted Cruz’s strategist would later ask donors to donate towards her campaigns in a bid to ensure that she’s present in subsequent debates. Marianne also attracted praise after she challenged libertarianism for publishing The Rubin Report

Spiritual Adviser


Marianne Williamson is more of a spiritual leader than she is a politician as we’ve seen above. It’s for this reason that few people are certain that she’d beat the sitting president Donald Trump. Still, we can’t ignore how well she’s been doing having qualified for up to two democratic debates so far.

At the first debate which took place on June 28th, Marianne spoke in an indistinguishable accent where she expressed her concern against the country’s sickness care system, promising to leverage love to defeat her Republican opponent. Marianne was up for the second debate on July 30th where experts say she performed well.  

Marianne Williamson on Humanitarian Effort and Global Warming Effort 


In terms of climate change, Marianne has categorically mentioned that global warming is according to her: "clear and present danger." She goes on to say that the US will reconsider the Paris climate accords and strive to push the agreement further. She says: "The current Paris Accords don't go far enough." Marianne is in full support of the Green New Deal and has encouraged other states to emulate what California has done to reduce the use of fossil fuels.  

Combating psychic dark forces


Marianne is perhaps the first American presidential candidate and Democratic hopeful who is looking forward to tackling the psychic dark forces surrounding the White House. She, however, was quick to mention that she knows the battle is not one that can be worn in a typical manner. She proposed that the country should come up with a department of peace.

This proposal is Marianne’s strategy which involves reversing prevailing political standards. She noted: “We don't have a health care system, we have a sickness care system. We cannot just suppress violence, we also need to create nonviolence. We should not wage war, but instead, we must wage peace.”

Recognizing Pitfalls


Marianne agrees to the fact that there are pitfalls in the perception towards defense she says: "We spend more on our military than the next nine largest militaries in the world. As has become evident in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria, as well as against terrorist enemies like ISIS, at best our military can solve part of the issue, leaving the true, underlying problems unaddressed."  

Achieving Stability


Marianne reiterates that the one way to achieve stability is by establishing humanitarian aid resources and global support to facilitate peacebuilding and provide health care, food, and education to help countries marred by conflict. This is bound to be a great idea which will work well, especially in the countries where the intervention of the US military forces has borne peace and stability in struggling countries.

Some of these countries include Afghanistan, which for long has struggled with conflict, something that has led to a lack of sufficient water and food. Marianne may have a robust plan. Whether it makes a difference or not remains to be seen.  

Other Democrat Candidates


Some of the Democrat presidential candidates have mentioned their plan to address issues surrounding environmental injustice should they be elected the next president of the US. one day before the commencement of the second Democrat's debates which were conducted in Detroit, American lawyer Kamala Harris who happens to be the junior US senator from California announced that he was going to introduce justice legislation on climate in the congress with the support of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, a freshman House member.  

Climate Program


Jay Inslee would in the same day announce to showcase another session of one of the most comprehensive climate programs on offer entitled Community Climate Justice plan. Surprisingly, both Inslee and Harris skipped the second debate leaving Marianne Williamson to introduce environmental justice themes and equity at some point during the debate. These would play a huge role in transforming the environment and climate at large.  

Water Crisis


When Marianne was asked about the water crisis being experienced in Flint, Michigan she had this to say: “Flint is just the tip of the iceberg. “We have communities, particularly communities of color and disadvantaged communities all over this country, who are suffering from environmental injustice.” Marianne's answer was received with big cheers from the audience and of course, many climate enthusiasts were fast to quote her on social media.

Further, her answer together with her unreserved argument in support of redress for slave descendants would see become Google’s most searched for the candidate. People reading about Marianne Williamson for the first time will be shocked to realize that the activist, author, and lecturer has had diverse opinions over the years ranging from alarming yet frank, to moderately concerning. In Marianne’s book A Return to Love, she encouraged readers to:  “imagine the AIDS virus as Darth Vader, and then unzip his suit to allow an angel to emerge.”  

What are some of the most Memorable Quotes by Marianne Williamson?


  • “Each of us has a unique part to play in the healing of the world.” 
  • “Children are happy because they don't have a file in their minds called "All the Things That Could Go Wrong.”  
  • “And no one will listen to us until we listen to ourselves.”  
  • “Until we have seen someone's darkness, we don't really know who they are. Until we have forgiven someone's darkness, we don't really know what love is.”  
  • “Success means we go to sleep at night knowing that our talents and abilities were used in a way that served others.” 
  • “Everything we do is infused with the energy with which we do it. If we're frantic, life will be frantic. If we're peaceful, life will be peaceful. And so our goal in any situation becomes inner peace.” 

What are some of the Marianne Williamson Books


Marianne Williamson has written numerous books which include: 

  • A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of "A Course in Miracles"
  • Being In Light
  • Meditations for a Miraculous Life 
  • Imagine: What America Could Be in the 21st Century
  • The Principles of Everyday Grace
  • Manifesting Abundance
  • A Woman's Worth
  • Illuminata: A Return to Prayer
  • The Law of Divine Compensation: On Work, Money, and Miracles
  • The Gift of Change: Spiritual Guidance for Living Your Best Life



Marianne Williamson as we’ve seen above is a 67 year old 2020 Democrat Presidential hopeful. So far, she has successfully tackled two debates.

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