No Balls!

No Balls!

Jun 25, 2016, 12:49:46 AM Life and Styles

Have you ever just sat there and thought “you know what lets just disappear” as in pack up all your belongings and leave, not just your home, or town but the country. Lets go travelling and leave all of our responsibilities behind and never come back, well at least for a while. It’s a thought that is always in my mind, a thought that every now and again I repeat, but the fact is I don’t have the balls to just get up and go, Quit my job and leave the country. There’s so many other things to consider, where will my finances come from, if I decided to try to find a job abroad and fail what will I do? Even coming home there’s no guarantee of a job nowadays in the UK never mind in a foreign country. I wish it was that easy, and the people who do it knowing it’s not that easy because they are doing it, good on them your balls must be huge! I’m genuinely like a broken record, every time I have a bad day I think to my self or text my boyfriend 'lets leave tomorrow!' the conversation will last all of 1 hour then it never happens, we finish the day, wake up in the morning and start again as if we never even considered moving away. Its hilarious really, you’d think if I was that unhappy with my position in life at the moment that on a frequent occasion I decided I want to pack up and leave I’d have gone and done it already. Well guess what? I still haven’t done it and I probably never will just like most people, but at least the days i say that to my self it makes the day seem even just that little more bearable. Maybe writing this will inspire me to do so, I have always wanted to travel and I'm afraid to leave it to late. Hopefully soon there'll be an update on me moving away, you never know.

Published by Kimberley Finch

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