Black, White, Repeat.

Black, White, Repeat.

Saturdate strolling around the South Yarra neighbourhood after a light brunch! Was honestly feeling quite lazy and when that happens, I tend to automatically go for anything Black or White! Mr P and I had planned for a little road trip which quickly turned into a major shopping day for both of us! Luckily, these newly purchased boots were extremely comfortable to the point where I was able to walk in them for the whole day all around the Melbourne CBD! (Yes! They are heeled boots!). With Melbourne having the occasional gust of wind and since I haven't been feeling well - a turtle neck sweater was the perfect choice! I remember back in high school, I would think turtle neck sweaters of any kind were really weird and dorky HAHA! But the trend has definitely changed hey! I absolutely love turtle neck sweaters now, whether it's the loose one  (which I'm wearing below) or the ones that are really fitted on your neck keeping it nice and warm (Not sure how to explain it, but I'm assuming you all get what I mean!). 

By the time I got ready I noticed I looked like a thief wearing all black and Mr P was already waiting downstairs, so I decided to throw on this White Topshop Blazer which I am obsessed with! It's an item that I seem to be wearing to work a lot lately! Those who know me, would know I love to wear anything WHITE whenever I get the chance! The design and material of this blazer is everything! It has the perfect thickness for a blazer and gold embossed detailing on the buttons and straps, with the perfect amount of shoulder padding to make the blazer look a bit more sophisticated . The 'belt looking thing' on either sides of the blazer that holds the strap in place, definitely makes this blazer different! Definitely not regretting purchasing this blazer as it will certainly be a timeless piece of clothing in my wardrobe!

Scroll down for closer details of my outfit Photographed by Mr P! (Instagram BF indeed!) or Click the link below for more details:


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