Current Obsessions

Current Obsessions

Definitely preparing myself for the unpredictable weather this week - one minute there's crazy rain and wind gushing diagonally against the office windows, the next minute the sun decides to appear. What the heck moment indeed! And because of this, to play it safe, my work clothes tends to consist of a cozy coat with something light inside (As it tends to get hot in the office - weird right for someone who has a fear of getting cold HAHA!) 

Anyways! Here are my 2 Current Obsessions for the Week! 

1) To prevent my little feet from getting cold, I treated myself to a recent purchase of these pointy ankle leather boots over the weekend! I tend to normally go for Tony Bianco for winter boots but with Nine West just a few metres from my office, I decided to try their boots out! It has an appropriate heel height for the office and yes of course is leather! The pair of boots fit like a glove with easy zips on the sides! Definitely a favourite this week and been wearing them every day!

2) Below you'll see me wearing my absolute favourite Winter Coat!! It is the perfect colour that's in between grey/taupe. Definitely not your ordinary black, grey or white coat! It is extremely cozy and oversized, especially with the big pockets on both sides. I love that I can just wear anything light underneath and throw this coat on and still look chic! Everyone is always asking where I got this coat, but from what I can remember it was on some online website that I just can't remember the name! Anyways, The best part is that it's WOOL! When it comes to winter coats, It is definitely worth investing in ones that are made out of wool or cashmere!

And thought I'd just add that my choice of handbag for work is definitely the biggest bag I have in Black - The Antigona! I love the space this bag has to fit in all the essentials for work! I tend to always tuck the strap attached to it inside for it to look a bit more professional and I guess because I don't actually like it (but it's not like I can cut it off right - my parents would never buy me anything HAHA!) Anyways, Stay Tuned for a 'What's in My Work Bag Video!'

Scroll down for details of my outfit and Click the link below for more!

Thanks to my friend @stephensanjayy for taking these quick snaps for me during my lunch break!


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