Kitty Burns

The most long overdue post that has been sitting in my draft pile since the beginning of the year! Kitty Burns was definitely a place I just couldn’t wait to visit (early in the year around March?), as it was trending all over Instagram – especially because of its simple and contemporary interior design. Everything about this place was absolutely perfect from the food, the atmosphere, the service and of course the view by the river! Ever since, I have definitely been back for their delicious menu and of course sweet treats that are always on display! I am obsessed with every inch of this place, especially the cute little hut that the baristas work within (I'm not really sure if they're called huts HAHA!). This is definitely the first thing you’ll notice the minute you walk in! They also designed 3 huts for customers to enjoy their meals in – mainly for larger groups. Honestly wouldn’t mind sitting anywhere in this place as everywhere is definitely ‘photo-worthy’.

We started off ordering the Iced Coffee with ice cream of course! It was definitely worth the price as you get a ridiculously large glass (The photo doesn’t do it justice!). Also, The Elixirs they have to offer are definitely boosting and energises you for sure. Anyways! Food-wise I ordered The KB special which was a really good choice!! I’m not sure what it is about brunch, but all the really aesthetically appealing meals are the ones I really would love to order but I know won’t keep me full! Regardless, the KB was delicious!! Especially with the incorporation of kimchi as a side! Although it was a messy eat, it was totally worth it. A whole bunch of yummy goodness was in this burger including the mango and papaya slaw (Anything with Papaya is Yum!). My friend ordered The Hanger Steak that came with potato crisps (definitely not your ordinary brunch!). From what I remember, she loved every bit of her meal! Unfortunately I couldn’t get a better picture as something went wrong with my camera at the time! (OR I was just not used to it seeing as I had just gotten the camera HAHA).

AND how could I forget the stairs that lead to a walking trail along the Yarra River just outside of Kitty Burns! The perfect way to walk off the food you had just eaten - trust me you'll need it! The portions are pretty generous in my opinion! Kitty Burns is definitely on the list of my favourite brunch places in Melbourne! Highly Recommended!


Published by Kimberley Wong

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