Tips on Attracting Freelancers to your Coworking Space

Tips on Attracting Freelancers to your Coworking Space

Jan 3, 2022, 10:55:15 AM Business

Although it is uncertain whether or not coworking spaces will swallow up traditional offices one day, one thing is clear: the concept of shared workstations has a bright future ahead. Still, to a newly established coworking space, attracting new clients may be a great struggle. While private offices are usually the easiest to fill up because you can sell them to corporate clients and startups, hot desk rentals might present a challenge. Let us consider ways on how to draw independent professionals to your venue.

There is no doubt that new businesses or freelancers are growing rapidly. According to a survey report by the end of 2030, more than 50% of the total workforce will be freelancers. If you notice that your coworking space is half empty, this is the point, where you need to make efforts. You need to attract all the freelancers in your area, then in any way just invite them that your space is better alternatives for them instead to work from home or a noisy café with an unstable Internet connection


Do marketing of your coworking space on Google

It’s highly recommended to list your coworking space on Google. Also include some important information like the opening hours, phone number, email, and website details and allow your current members to add their photos of the venue in the Google listing. This will help you to build brand awareness and gain a good online presence. By running an AdWords campaign you can reach out to all the Web Design to attract freelancers who are interested in joining a coworking space.


Social Media Presence

Create a social media account on Instagram and/or Facebook and put post regularly with good-quality photos or videos relevant to your space. Social media influence is very helpful in attracting potential members. Posting some of your services and the people inside your space will certainly gain an audience from prospective members. Also, be active in engaging with comments and answering inquiries to reflect on how engaging your activity on social media is.


Host Useful Events

Host fun social events and practical workshops for non-members and you’ll see an influx of new members. In organizing an event, keep in mind that the sense of community matters in a coworking space. Have events that encourage collaboration and networking among other coworkers from different industries. 

Offer free memberships to key influencers

We all ask for referrals, advice, and social proof when we’re making a big decision — and choosing where we’re going to work each day qualifies as one of those. That’s why it’s such a good idea to get local influencers on board with your coworking space.

In this post, owner Liz Elam shares how she used just that strategy when she opened her coworking space:

“When I opened Link Coworking I gave memberships to some icons of the Austin entrepreneurship world. They received a free membership at Link and held all their meetings there. It was a win-win for both of us. They got a great place to meet people and space to work, and it instantly gave us street cred and traffic.” There’s no reason this strategy shouldn’t also work for your space and your industry niche.

Other Strategies to Attract Freelancers to Your Coworking Space

When marketing coworking space for freelancers, you should make Google your first marketing tool. Consider creating an AdWords campaign so that you can reach freelancers who are already interested in your business. Then, you need to be present on social media as well.

You don’t need to go crazy spending on advertisements in the beginning. Build the business slowly and wisely to make the most of it. Partnering with local businesses like coffee shops, restaurants, and fitness centers can be a good tactic too.

To conclude, you should market your coworking space with a good strategy. If your target market is freelancers, create something that can attract them to join your coworking space. Now, you should be ready to sell coworking space for freelancers.

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