Why Marching Mattered

Why Marching Mattered

My husband, two little girls, and I were not alone today as we took to the streets of Memphis to march for women's rights, human rights, and equality.  We were joined by an estimated 9,000 people who were holding up signs and yelling out unity chants.

We passed The Peabody, Beale Street, and ended up in front of the Lorraine Hotel, where Martin Luther King, Jr. was killed.  The picture above shows when we rounded the corner to see that historic hotel; the place where our country's best leader in the fight for equal rights was taken from the world. This historic city, rich with Civil Rights activism, set the stage for a new era of marching, of standing up for those less fortunate, and for remembering we are all human.

I am not someone who holds on to the belief that if I walk down a street, chanting, I can change the world. Well, especially if I walked down that street alone.

However, as I watched our current President take the oath of office, I realized, my girls need to learn from me what it is to stand up for yourself.  Now, is the time young girls need to know they are valuable. They are strong.  They are the future generation that will decide how to treat others.

My husband had to work, and I assumed he wasn't coming.  So, the girls and I got ready, and started to head out the door.  My husband came around the corner, and asked if I wanted him to drive. He wanted to show his daughters that there are men out here who support women. What was so incredible is he wasn't the only one...by far. We were surrounded by them as we marched.

And it turns out, we needed all the support we could get.

Thousands of people are slinging insults at those who marched. They are calling us snowflakes. They are demeaning us, and questioning why we can't just get over it and move on. It could be the demeaning name calling...   They are saying we should just give Trump a chance.  What do we have to protest anyway? Stay home and shut up.

So, what I am hearing is we should just wait for something bad to happen. Sit back, and be submissive. Trump and his team have said they are for taking rights away from others.  Are we not to believe them? Do we just wait until women have less access to affordable health care? Do we sit at home and wonder when the shoe will drop on gay rights?

Men, you know when women bottle up their feelings and refuse to tell you what's wrong? Then, they blow up, complaining you didn't do what they wanted you to do, even though they never told you?  Well, here we are. Women of all races, ages, and sexual orientation, telling our new President what we want.

We are coming to the table, without violence, telling President Trump we are concerned for our rights. We are being proactive.  We are asking he doesn't strip away health care, doesn't pass laws that take us back to "When American Was Great", doesn't only look out for men like him.

And, we are teaching our children that it is not okay for someone to call Mexicans "rapists and murders", say they can walk up to any woman and grab her pussy, act like a "retard" (his people's word) when imitating a disabled reporter, and bring back the "law and order" that discriminates against minorities. 

We have learned you can do all that and become President, sure.

In the end, though, the millions who marched around the world today want our children, and everyone else, to know, you won't get away with it. 

Published by Kimberly Morrise

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