How you can get the best out of kratom powder?

Wondering what kratom is and how it can be beneficial for your body? Then here we are to tell you that kratom is a wonder tree whose leaves are used for several medicinal purposes and it finds its applications in several areas. This plant grows abundantly in Southeast Asia and its leaves have a certain mind altering characteristics that make it most favorable for treating a lot of health issues such as flu, cough, cold, opioid withdrawal symptoms and a lot more.

Now the question that pops into your mind is how to make the best out of kratom powder and how to use it safely? Well, the good news is that the kratom powder is now available in a lot of variety to be taken. They are available in the form of capsules and pills but you can take the powder in as well. Make sure you are not smoking the powder in, rather you are taking it in a natural way.

Taking the capsules of kratom is simple as you have to take them just the way you take a regular medicine. While there are ways to ingest the correct dose of kratom powder and they are stated as follows.

  • Toss and water method

This method is a very simple one where you are required to take one spoon full of kratom powder, put it in your mouth and wash it down your stomach with the help of a tall glass of water.


  • Eat it away with yogurt

Since kratom is bitter in taste, it could be hard to swallow with water for some of us. So the better method to minimize the bitterness is to add the powder in yogurt, mix it well and then gulp it down. Adding one spoonful of kratom powder to two table spoons of yogurt would be quite sufficient. However, if you want to add more yogurt, you can do that as well.


  • Try the protein shake as well

Protein shakes are an amazing thing to fulfill the protein content in your body, so add a small amount of the kratom powder to the protein shake and drink it away. Since the protein shake is rich in nutrients, adding a small quantity of the powder would suffice. You can gradually go on to increase the quantity of the powder to check the tolerance of the body.


  • Drink it in the form of a tea

This is the simplest method of drinking kratom. If you are a tea lover, you would love the tea for sure that is made with this powder. To make the tea, you will have to add the powder to a pot full of water and let the solution boil for around 30 minutes. Then you can take it off the stove, strain the powder and drink the tea in just the normal way.

So follow any of these four methods to drink the kratom tea and get its numerous health benefits. 

Published by Kimberly Smith


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