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I am a blogger/writer/speaker and life liver. 🏡📍 UK. Presently in a school and previously taught as an English language teacher in Spain, Italy and China. I tend to write about life, disappointments, motivational moments, Christian/Christ/biblical topics, travel, people and cultures, pro-black thoughts, female empowerment, random glimmers in my day and I dabble in a little bit of poetry or whatever short phrases that fly out of my mind as someone affects my energy.

While I'm breathing here, I hope to connect with more readers, writers, travellers (nomads, sojourners, global citizens, wanderlusters, etc.) and people that are growing and learning how to become more authentically them.

I ask that you share whatever posts that connect with your heart- then let me know your thoughts on it, thank you for starting this journey with me here at MTS!

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