3 ways on how I did it!

3 ways on how I did it!

Let's keep it short and sweet shall we.
  1. Family. If it had not been for parents that travelled as teenagers and then took me on flights from a few weeks old I wouldn't be so happy to go. But besides that my parents have really supported and encouraged my moves and endeavours abroad. They're still surprised I'm back in the UK. Family will always love you, even if they make it seem like they can't be anything without you, they would love if you had the experience to go and be better than them and put yourself ahead in this world. Plus if you miss them, there's Christmas, Skype, cheap flights and annual leave.
  2. The unknown. Fear is crippling but being curious about the unknown (In the correct context) set me ablaze to want to know more about me, the place and potential life circumstances. For example: how much can I do, how hard can I work, how will I navigate my way without the language, how long can I be alone for or in people's company (as an introvert I need to gauge this), what will I do if this happens...
  3. The experience. I wanted to gain the experience for myself, the stories I'd later share were secondary and the cultural wealth on my CV was third. I wanted to feel moments and live in them, escape into open waters where it's just me and God figuring every day out as it comes.
Travelling has been the best thing I could have done. One recent tip I've felt heavily is this: always ensure you have the correct documents provided by yourself, the government and the company before you arrive, while there and when you leave. As I've had problems with one thing in particular that had completely slowed me down with getting back into work in the UK.
If you've travelled, what other things helped you start the journey? If you haven't, what do you feel is really holding you back (you can contact me if needed)?

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